Friday, 16 February 2018

Spanish mech cavalry 1980`s

Anti-tank section

I haven`t added anything to this (my only) Cold War 1980s project for quite some time; but when I saw Hobby Den`s M113 w/Milan I had to add one.
As I already had a couple of packs of Elhiem Figures West Germans/Nato figures awaiting painting up as Spanish I did the whole group as one batch

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

British trucks all finished

British trucks

My simple conversions and tarting up all finished



Matchbox Dingo
A gift of that nice man Jon Sutherland who wanted it to go to a good home 😁

Saturday, 10 February 2018

British truck WIP

Thanks to some of the nice guys over on the SOTCW forum I did some swaps and got some British trucks, here is the wip
Airfix Matador 
Added some stoiwage, Lewis gun; rear seating and wire hoops for tarp

Tarp (Debbies old stocking  :D ) cut to size, to be fitted after painting

Another Airfix Matador
Rear white metal tilt off a EWM Renault truck; again added stowage and Lewis

Airfix Long Matador with double rear wheels (originally the fuel tanker)
Scruffy plasticard rear piled with stowage load, rear gate off a soft plastic GMC 6x6.
I`ll probably use more stocking/tarp to help disguise my rubbish modelling  :) 

Airfix Quad tractor
Added stowage & firing platform Wheel

Airfix Quad
added stowage

Friday, 9 February 2018

Late war Germans

Late war German Kompanie

First work of the year  😊

A German rifle company under our rules (though a bit heavy on the Panzerfausts 😁)
4-figure HQ plus 3 x 10 figure platoons

I`ve tried to mix uniforms and camouflage patterns on smocks/helmets, I`ve also tried a new colour mix for the zeltbahn 

Elheim Figures German infantry w/Panzerfaust
Really nicely scaled, good poses too

Elheim grenadiers w/STG44

Elheim SS prone MG42 team
I like this team a lot, just lovely sculpts

Elheim Germans in Zeltbahn moving MG42 team
Again nicely posed and sculpted - quality

Underfire Miniatures
The last two of these, the mix in quite well with Elhiem and Grubby 

Grubby Fallschirmjäger modified to be infantry
Head-swaps using Raventhorpe heads,
The kneeling guy with the rifle w/grenade adapter had a FG-42
as did the prone figure

Grubby infantry

L-R Grubby (modified), Underfire (modified), Britannia

Various Britannia

Company HQ

1st platoon

2nd platoon

3rd platoon

Saturday, 3 February 2018

The Guild - RIP!

The Guild - RIP!

Well this week we have seen a huge, sad loss to our hobby - The Guild forum has had a catastrophic failure and died! 😞
From what I can gather their sever was hit with a massive hack which has killed the site and any back-ups, the whole thing seems gone and not recoverable - very, very sad.

The Guild for me was one of the few wargames related forum I visited on a daily basis, stocked full of knowledgeable and helpful guys and filled with images from some of the finest painters and modellers. It got me in touch with people who I would never have met and I learned a great deal about both history and modelling/painting and wargaming.

It will be sadly missed :(     

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Fort Algiers

Fort Algiers

Just finished watching this 1953 B/W movie 
Starring: Yvonne De Carlo (Lilly Munster) and Raymond Burr (Ironside) 
On Talking Movies channel (Virgin 445, Freesat 306, Freeview or Youview 81 or on the Sky digital: channel 343)

Set in a fictional North African French colony where a local emir (Burr) has plans to take control of the areas oil and use its money and influence to get rid of the French and rule the newly created country.

De Carlo is a French fem fatale spy who uses her looks to gain access to the emirs palace and spy on him and his plans, there is also her long lost love interest who joined the Legion "to forget".

The story is OK, the acting so, so, Burr obviously isn`t Arab and De Carlo whilst stunningly beautiful, just isn`t convincing.

But the movie was filmed on location in Morocco and used French troops as extras, so you get to see Moroccan Spahis, Legion cavalry and mule companies plus mountain artillery and, uniforms and other kit - quite cool  :D 

The film climaxes with an attack by the natives (a massed mounted charge) against the oil filed where the hero, De Carlo and the workers defend with rifles, dynamite mines and thrown nitro filled bottled whilst the legion rides to the rescue.   

The final battle would make an interesting one-off game set during the Druss Rebellion in Syria in the 1920s maybe?

Monday, 15 January 2018

Callan (1974)


Managed to catch this on late night TV Friday.

David Callan (Edward Woodward), top agent/assassin for the S.I.S., was forced to retire because he had lost his nerve. Now, Callan is called back into service to handle the assassination of Schneider, a German businessman (Carl Möhner). His former boss promises Callan that he'll be returned to active status if he follows orders, but as always Callan refuses to act until he knows why Schneider has been marked for death.

What makes this movie for me is that Callan is a wargamer as is Schneider (in fact Callan uses this as an "in" to get close to Schneider). The two discuss soldiers, battles and games (briefly)  and Schneider invites Callan to his home to play a couple of games, the first a Napoleonic bash, the second Gettysburg.

These games are the gems of this film as the figures and terrain were done by the late, great Peter Guilder, who to us wargamers of a certain age - is a God among men :)   

This last photo taken on the set has Catherine Schell (schneider`s wife in the movie) with director Don Sharp, Woodward and Peter Guilder obviously discussing the toys :)